The Global Teaching Assistance Network

With so many students now taking all or part of their courses online, there’s no longer any need for academic institutions to limit their choice of sessional teaching assistants to scholars living nearby. There’s literally a global workforce available to institutions and a worldwide employment market for academic support services online. Kranium’s mission is to provide quality online support services, not to deliver the courses themselves. The Kranium Network is your online teaching assistant. Our services include:

  • Marking (subject to your supervision and moderation)
  • Preparing and submitting grade sheets
  • Arranging tutorial groups
  • Delivering tutorials via interactive video
  • Assisting in lecture preparation
  • Sessional vodcasting
  • Research assistance
  • Producing and distributing teaching materials and resources

We will search our Network for teaching assistants who are available to help you with your course.

You then evaluate the portfolios of the Network members we submit.

View an example of how it works

You can then connect with your preferred candidates directly via the Kranium website or you can leave it to us to answer any questions you might have, obtain additional materials or arrange interview times for you.

Once you have a suitable candidate, it’s up to you whether you employ our network member through your regular systems or let Kranium take over the administrative hassle for you – paying bills, handling employment regulations, completing human resources paperwork, and supervision.